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Government of Karnataka

Government of Karnataka
Department of Archaeology, Museums and Heritage

MISSION :: Explore, Excavate, Conserve, Preserve and Protect the Monuments and Sites of State, National & International Importance
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Phone :: +91  821 2424673
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Welcome to the Official Website of
Department of Archaeology, Museums and Heritage

Sri. Siddaramaiah
The Hon'ble Chief Minister,
Government of Karnataka
Smt Umasri,
Minister of Kannada & Culture,
Government of Karnataka

Subhash Chandra Khuntia, IAS.
Chief Secretary.
Government of Karnataka
Sri Chakravarthi Mohan  IAS
Department of Archaeology, Museums and Heritage

Government of Karnataka

Sri T Venkatesh KAS
Department of Archaeology, Museums and Heritage 

Government of Karnataka
Email commissioner@karnatakaarchaeology.gov.in

The Commissionerate of Archaeology and Museums in Karnataka is the oldest among the departments of Archaeology in Indian states. The office of the Commissioner, Archaeology, Museums and Heritage Department is at  Mysore.

This is the Official Website of Department of Archaeology, Museums and Heritage, Government of Karnataka, under the Ministry of Culture that is responsible for archaeological studies and the preservation of cultural monuments. The function is to "explore, excavate, conserve, preserve and protect the monuments and sites of State, National & International Importance.
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Activities of the Department:
  1. Archaeological Exploration
  2. Archaeological Excavation
  3. Conservation of Monuments
  4. Epigraphy
  5. Numismatics
  6. Archaeological publications
  7. Establishment of Museums
  8. Registration of Antiquities
  9. Public Private Participation (Conservation)
  10. Seminars, Exhibitions, Workshops
Activities of Heritage division:
  1. Heritage committees
  2. Heritage walk
  3. Heritage series publication
  4. Heritage Documentation
  5. Heritage Pamphlets
  6. Heritage Workshops
  7. Heritage Seminars
  8. Heritage Conservation

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